The Horse Passport Agency

CORONAVIRUS - COVID 19 UPDATE: We understand that horse passports may not be high on your list of priorities at the moment. However if you need applications processed we are still here to help. The way we operate has changed and we ask, where possible, you use the online Contact page if you have any questions. We have been helping horse owners since 2003 and have issued 278832 passports

New Passports

If your horse has never had a passport we can help. Our passports can be issued the same day and start from just £24. They look great too!

Ownership & Other Updates

The law requires that when you take ownership of a horse you register your ownership and keep the passport updated. All horses must also be microchipped by 01/10/2020. If you have a Horse Passport Agency passport (which we issue) or a Pleasure Horse Society passport (which we maintain) we can help. For all other passports please contact the passport issuer.

Lost Passports

If you have lost your passport or its been badly damaged you will need to get a Duplicate of the original.