Ownership & Other Updates

The following information is for Horse Passport Agency passports. If you have a Pleasure Horse Society passport please click here.

Where you are required to return the passport please post it to Horse Passport Agency UK, PO Box 74, Ellesmere, SY12 2AD by recorded or special delivery with the application form and fee. Keep a record of the Life Number on the passport and photocopy any vaccination records.

Change Ownership: Most owners (87% in 2019) do this online via Owner Services as its safer (Covid 19 changes mean you currently do not need to post the passport to us - we will send you a receipt label in the post within 3 working days) and costs £15.50).

We recommend you apply online. If you would rather apply by post the process takes approximately 15 working days plus postage time for a correctly completed application (contact us for a form).

Changed Address: If the horse is already registered with us in your ownership and you just need to update your address which can be done via Owner Services at a reduced fee or you can do this by post for £15.50 using this Change of Address form or request a form by post

Animal Name: This can be updated online via Owner Services at the time you register your ownership or by post with a covering letter. The fee is £15.50.

Microchip: All equines are required to be microchipped by law. If your horse has been microchipped since the passport was issued this amendment needs to be confirmed by a vet. Download form. Return the form and copy of the silhouette page (from the passport) and fee of £12.50. The animal record and the Central Equine Database (CED) will then be updated. It is a legal requirement that all equines in England (by 01/10/20), Wales (by 12/02/21) amd Scotland (by 28/03/21) be microchipped and registered on CED. Check your horses microchip at ww.equineregister.co.uk

Gelding: If your horse has been gelded this amendment needs to be confirmed by a vet and requires the passport to be returned to our office along with a completed form and fee of £15.50. Download form or contact us for a form.

Silhouette:For updates to the silhouette the vet must complete a new silhouette on our standard passport application form and confirm the presence of the microchip number. This amendment requires the passport to be returned to our office along with the form and fee of £15.50.

Animal Age: If your vet has made a mistake when recording the year of foal on the passport application please ask the vet to contact us within 6 weeks of the passport being issued. After this time the year of foal can only be amended to record "unknown". This amendment requires the passport to be returned to our office along with a covering note and administration fee of £15.50.

Death: If your horse has died please return the passport with a covering note stating the date and cause of death if known. If you are the registered owner you may ask for the passport to be returned to you if you enclose a stamped self addressed recorded envelope with correct postage.