Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Medication Pages on the passport?

These pages were previously under Section IX and for all passports issued after 2016 will be under Section II.

These pages allow the owner to declare whether or not the horse is ultimately intended for human consumption. The declaration must be signed before:

a) any medication containing a substance specified in Annex IV of Council Regulation 2377/90 is administered (in this case the declaration must be signed as "˜not intended for human consumption"™)

b)the horse is sent outside the UK.

The owner can at any time prior to one of the above events choose to sign the declaration. It must be remembered that once the declaration has been signed as "˜not intended for human consumption"™, this can never be changed in order to protect the human food chain.

If a passport is issued for a horse that is no longer considered a foal the passport issuing organisation will automatically exclude it from the food chain by signing this section.

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