Frequently Asked Questions

I want to ensure my application is correct what should I check for?

Below are a list of common errors that can delay an application:

1. Not signed and dated by Owner & vet.
2. Not Stamped by Vet
3. Missing Sex, Colour or Species.
4. No Microchip
5. Microchip already linked to a passport. If the vet finds a microchip please use our website to check the microchip before sending the application.
6. Not enough features drawn by the vet. All features must be recorded. If there are no whorls or less than 5 features in total the application will be delayed. You can ask your vet to draw the outline of the chestnuts to add more features
7. Leg views missing. When white hair is on a leg it should be drawn from three views (left, right and rear view). If it looks like your vet has missed a view we will query this.

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