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My Horse has been microchipped since the passport was issued - what do I do?

The law requires all equines to have a microchip officially linked to their passport and showing on the Central Equine Database no later than 01/10/2020. Once your equine is microchipped you must update the passport issuer within 30 days (but if you have missed this deadline its still better to apply late than not at all!).

The microchip forms a fundamental part of the equines identity and therefore a Veterinary Surgeon must confirm the presence of the microchip, having first identified the equine against its markings already recorded in its passport. Most passport issuers will have an official update form and ours can be found on our website under Ownership & Other Updates.

If you are unsure if a microchip is linked to a passport you can enter the microchip number and search the Central Equine Database at

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