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My Horse wasnt microchipped when the passport was first issued.

All Equines in Great Britain need to have their passport linked to a microchip and those details recorded on the Central Equine Database (CED) by the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO).  The deadlines vary depending on which country you live in (England by 01/10/2020, Wales by 12/02/2021 and Scotland by 28/03/2021).  If your animals passport was issued after July 2009 it should already be linked to a microchip and that number recorded on CED.  
If the passport was issued before July 2009 you need to act now and check if a microchip number is recorded in the passport and check the number  on the National Equine Chipchecker at to check CED.  If the microchip is not recorded on CED then you will need to get this updated.
A vet has to sign a declaration confirming they have identified the animal against its passport and record the microchip number.  This does not have to be the vet that implanted the microchip.  Procedures vary but the Horse Passport Agency and Pleasure Horse Society require a Vet Update form to be completed and returned with the passport and administration fee.  The passport will then be updated along with CED.
If you have missed the deadline Act Now!  Councils have access to CED and details of owners of animals that are not microchipped. They now have the power to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (On-The-Spot fine).

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